Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 6 31 for 21 2013

Riley has been to just a few of Rex's games over the years. Football,baseball,basketball,soccer, wrestling he's been to them all.  He is certainly Rex's biggest fan even if the game itself doesn't hold his interest.  A lot of his teammates have siblings he loves to play with and there are typically a few moms he can con into playing and listening to his stories. Football this year is All Saints 5/6grade team so the side lines are filled with people who already know and love Riley. 

Getting ready for the big game. 


When your kid plays the line you have a lot of pictures from this angle. I have discovered I can identify most of these kids by their shoes or socks.  Rex has blue accents. 

I love when Riley spends most of the game like this. He stays close and I don't have to worry about who he is bugging. 

Today he found some even better entertainment. He kept busy for most of the second half with these. 

Rex's biggest cheerleader really does need his own set of Pom poms. 

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