Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 7 31 for 21 2013

Riley has been so well behaved at school that a few people have commented that my Face book updates have been really boring.  I have been enjoying this but I do understand the need for a  good laugh even if its at my own expense. 

This afternoon after school the boys and I headed to the chiropractor.  Riley had a busy but good day at school and typically he loves the chiropractor so I was banking on it being a pretty routine afternoon.  The visit went great.  I stopped to as the Dr a question on the way out and I walk to the waiting room to hear Riley screaming at Rex at about being a meanie.  I scolded him and h proceeded to take a swing at Rex.  I deal with it and out the door we head.  As we walk to the car and I'm making him apologize for being so rude to his brother Rex says "its no big deal but he did call me a dumb ass in front of the entire waiting room".  Lovely!  As we buckle in the car and I give Riley another lecture about using nice words and how he hurt Rex's feelings he goes into his typical routine of getting all sad and quiet and trying to hug and kiss his way out of it.  Rex pipes up with " I think I like sad Riley way better".  I have to admit sad = quiet and sometimes that is a good thing for all of us. 

As we are finishing dinner I thought we could all work on Riley's rhyming homework.  We are throwing out words trying to help and Riley is not cooperating.  He is throwing out random words which is pretty typical in Riley's world.  The word pop was given as an example and he tips his head and says "corn".

Well if you aren't laughing yet this picture will guarantee it.  This is from the fall of Rex's 1st grade year so Riley was not quite 3.    

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