Monday, October 5, 2009

Kids for Kids

Get It Down; 31 for 21

I had a great morning!  Justin and took Riley to Rex 's school to share about Riley's school and the Kids for Kids Penny drive.  Each year over 60 schools take part in this penny drive and collect pennies to help children with that attend the Spokane Guild School.  I had a ton of fun this morning and Riley was in rare form.  He was in heaven with all those kids to perform for.  The penny drive uses milk bottles with a picture of the poster child and an explanation of the school.  Riley thinks that these are giants drums of some sort.  He had a ton of fun running around with the jugs and making noies. He would hand them to the kids in the front row and then take them away and run to another kid and do the same thing.  As I was sharing about Riley I told the kids that he loved to sing so the kids in the 5-8th building sang wheels on the bus with Riley and the younger kids helped him out with Twinkle Twinkle.  When the song ended and they all clapped for Riley you have never seen a smile so big.    Of course I didn't have my camera this morning so I thought I'd grab a shot of Riley tonight....  ya right.  He won't sit still for anything.  He did give me his famous scared sign though. 


  1. Too funny! Love that scared look. If he had his hands on his cheeks it would be like that Home Alone kid!

  2. I can just imagine this and how great it was. Can I donate my pennies?

  3. Sure'll I'll take pennies, dimes or dollars :-) I'm feeling like a fundrasing queen these days. Pennies for the Guild School, Relay life potluck at work, popcord for the scouts and school just sent home the info for the cookie dough. Seriously its crazy!


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