Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 24 31 for 21 2013

Riley had a rough day at school today. Well actually it was his friends and teachers that had a bad day since they took the brunt of it. I will never understand why he picks the nicest little girl in class to hit. She is so good with him, patient and understanding of his quirks and he says thank you by smacking her. He's always sorry afterwards....  Having your friends sobbing always makes an impression. I just wish it would stick with him and he'd stop doing it.  Consistency would be helpful too. It's hard to correct a behavior that is random and with out an apparent cause.  His morning aide got a workout as well. Apparently coming in from recess was not on his to do list this morning. 

I was able to have a good conversation with his teacher. She's so calm it's amazing. She deals with each incident as it happens and it doesn't have to add up to a monumental list. I'm kinda out of ideas of what to do to with him behavior wise at school so feel free to share your suggestions.  

After school we headed down to get new inserts for his shoes. Currently his orthotics look something like this only blue.  

Riley has been pronating more lately so it was recommended that we go back to a bit more support. So his new pair will look like this but have a sweet rocket ship pattern on them.  

When he was little little he wore Suresteps that looked like these.

Let's just say they make shoe shopping a nightmare. I'm thankful we aren't all the way back there. We also were I formed he needed a sturdier shoe. So by by sweet Pumas you are getting upgraded to a more solid wide shoe. 

Riley had fun playing with the demo orthotic that Jim brought us so we could see what they'd be like. 

Riley was so intrigued with the entire process of the molds being taken of his feet. He barely moved the entire time. 

Why couldn't he be this still during school?

In 2-3 weeks we'll have our new supports and be off to shoe shop. That is not as much fun as shoe shopping should be. 

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  1. No suggestions as you know....sorry. I really wish we could get inside their heads and understand what they are feeling, or figure out how their brains work!!! Interesting about the orthotics!


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