Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Velcro no match for Hurricane Riley

Well it was a good idea but not only can Riley take the toys off after I Velcro them down to the table but he also thinks that the table is a chair. Riley had free reign of the living room this morning while I helped Rex get ready for school. As I was tucking Rex's shirt in I look over to see Riley using the stool to climb up on his new table. So, naturally I move the stool away since I can't be right there with him. Well, that slows him down for all of about 2 seconds. Rex and I then watch him immediately move back to the table and contemplate how he will get up on it. He then throws his legs up and manages to climb right up. The table is no match for Riley. While it is great to watch his problem solving skills I just wish he a little bit of an idea of safety, or listened when I told him to stay down.

Christina also helped him show off his new skilz when I arrived home from work. She has been helping Riley practise his walking. He now can walk across the room holding on to one hand. He is sooo close to walking. I sure hope I can keep up with him once he is totally independent.


  1. Uh oh, he is SO close to walking you are really in for it, we are talking Category 5!!!

  2. Wow, what a determined, inventive, smart little guy.

    I can see there is going to be a whole new series added to the "hurricane riley" chronicles when he starts to walk by himself.

  3. Way to go Riley! But I have to agree with the other ladies..this will open up a whole new world, not only for little Riley but for Mommy as well!!


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