Thursday, October 16, 2008

Preparing for arrival of Catagory 5 Hurricane Riley

Well as many friends have had fun pointing out if Riley is going to be walking soon, I'd better prepare for a hurricane like I've never seen before. So, while I was at the store this evening I bought some supplies: the new Advanced Secret, (ya know the kind for women that think they sweat to more that normal), Oreos and new shoes for Riley. I figure the Oreos will make up for anything that the deodorant doesn't take care of.

Riley wants to be up walking around.......well that is right up until I want to take pictures. So here is what we could get of Riley showing off his new walking skills.


  1. He is really getting the idea.

  2. YIPPEE!!! SOOOOO Cool! I love it! He is doing sooooo awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! Button down your world cuz it's all gonna change=)...Amy


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