Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Everyone should have one!

Get It Down; 31 for 21

OK so this afternoon Christina calls and I can't answer my cell because I'm leading a short training via conference call. Thankfully I had a short break while someone else was talking and was able to text her and let her know that she needs to call Justin. Quickly my phone starts ringing again and it is Justin, then my office phones starts and then my cell phone again.

So I'm officially panicked. The call finally gets over and I get a hold of Justin. Christina was concerned because Riley had gone down for a nap about 9am and it was currently 1:15pm. She had tried to wake him up and he just was so tired he wouldn't budge. Justin had her get him up and he almost fell back asleep while she changed his diaper. He also started holding his breath. This is the bigger concern to me because of his history with wheezing and trouble breathing. One more episode and he is on matinence meds. He'll get an inhaler just like his big brother. Well he was totally pale and limp and lethargic. Justin made a call to the pediatrician's office and I was too impatient to wait at the office to find out what was going on. By the time I made it home Riley had started perking up. Christina, Justin and I were watching him eat a little bit and he started to smile. I commented that he had us all just where he wanted us and Riley busts out with the evil little giggle. Nothing like making sure everyone has their full attention on you.

The nurse finally called back and wanted us to bring Riley in this evening. Thankfully our pediatrian's office is open until 8 for regular appointments so we made another trip to the Dr after Rex's soccer practise. Riley was a slug all afternoon and during practise. We get to the Dr.'s office and Riley perks up and is all smiles. I am so fustrated with Riley and this stupid cold that doesn't seem to go away. I swear the boogs and coughing stop just as we get to the Dr.'s office.

To the good part of this day. As I rushed home I threw open the door to find the Christina had cleaned the house. Talk about a load off. I have felt like poo the last few days. I think Riley finally shared his cold with me. My house hadn't recovered from this weekend and still looked like a bomb went off in it. One the best things we have done to help take the stress off is to hire Christina to take care of the kids. She is like a little angle that arrives at my house each morning. It was a win win for all of us. The kids love her. I think Rex has his first crush and Riley loves anyone that feeds him and gives him cuddles. Plus she takes a ton of stress out of my life and I have a new friend. I've joked that she is my very own Mary Poppins, but I'm serious if you have to work you should get yourself a Christina to love on your kids while you are gone.


  1. Holy crap. That is way too scary. So, what did the doctor say. That little stinker, acting all fine at the doctors go figure!!! LOVE THE NEW BACKGROUND how on earth did ya figure it out??

  2. I love your picture taking a bath in the kitchen sink. Very cute!!!


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