Saturday, October 4, 2008

And so it begins........

OK I have finally decided to enter in to the blogging world and give up trying to use myspace. I love to read my friend Kacey's blog and thought this would be a great way to keep my family and friends up to date on the boys and what is going on at the Kibbe house.

My son Riley will be two on November 30th and his cute little toes are what brought Kacey and the Amazing Ella Grace into my life. Riley has Down Syndrome and has the cutest little funny shaped toes. At the time my friend Angie was watching Riley for me while I was at work and she had taken the kids to play at the little toys at the mall. Well, Kacey and had taken Hunter and Ella to play as well and ended up sitting close enough to Angie to see Riley toes. At first she couldn't tell for sure if Riley had Down syndrome and didn't want to say anything just in case. She evidently was looking closely enough that Angie was weirded out that someone was staring at Riley. So when Kacey spotted the toes she knew and as the story goes she "picked" up Riley at the mall. So she and Angie started chatting and right away Angie knew that I would get along great with Kacey. As soon as she could Angie call me to tell me she met a mom with "one of those kids" (that's a whole other un pc story). I put it all together and figured out that I new about Kacey from a mass email one of the moms from Riley's school had sent out. Well thankfully she had her blog address listed so I could go scope out this women that used a pick up lines about my sons toes. Well the rest of the story is history.....or I guess the present since Kacey and I are getting to learn a lot about having a child with Down Syndrome and doing it together. Our beautiful kiddos go to the same school and even ended up in the same toddler group. So I owe to all to Riley's beautiful little toes that I have found a wonderful friend for myself, my children and my husband. (It just so happens that our older kiddos get along as well as our hubbies)

So to all that read our crazy story please know that this story is one that is meant to be a place for me to put my feelings down and sort them out. I never plan to intentionally offend but who knows what pour out in a random weak moment.
So with that here are kisses from Riley.

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