Saturday, October 4, 2008

Garage Sale Day 2

Garage sales in the rain are even worse than regular garage sales. We were troopers though and made it out this morning. Kacey arrived at the house with Krispy Cremes in hand this morning - life doesn't get to much better. We then tried to figure out how to strategically place tarps to get the best wind and rain protection. I was totally shocked at how much we did sell during the periods when the sun did come out. We sold enought that it all fit in the garage by the end of the day.

We did add some entertainment to the afternoon when my friend Randi joined us and the hair coloring started. At some point during the day Kacey, Leyna and Christina all convinced me that I should be a red head. Peer pressure is bad!!! Well after a call to Randi she stopped and picked up a new box of color and I went for it. Surprisingly enough I really like the color. I was even brave or stupid enough to let the girls trim up the back of my hair. I'm trying to grow it back out and I was sportin a mini mullet. So between Randi and Kacey they took about an inch off and it looks and feels a ton better. I'll have to share some pictures but I used up all the batteries taking pictures of the kiddos.

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