Sunday, October 19, 2008

temporarily untitled

I have seen lots of other blogs that have themes on certain days of the week. Well I think that I will start my own cause that's just the way I am. So I've been thinking about what I should call my days. I'm open for some suggestions... some I was pondering are Sappy Sundays, Friendship Friday's, Wacky Wednesday (that one is just cause I hate the Wordless Wednesday when those of of you put up a picture and don't share anything with it) I want more details than that. I'm nosey I guess. So for today I'm going with a hybrid that could fit on Friendship Friday but I'm going for Sappy Sunday because today is Sunday and frankly I don't want to wait until Friday.

At different points in the last few years I have given a lot of thought to what friendships look like, all the different types of friends that I have and those that I thought I had. The last few years have had a lot of bumpy times...just to give you the high points we have had a car stolen out of my driveway, lost a sister to a possible suicide, had a child with down syndrome, and had a lengthy list of friends with crazy pregnancies. I was beginning to think that no one would have a non stressful pregnancy that ended with a healthy baby and no surprises. While none of these things by them self would make a person come to a crashing halt after a while the weight does start to add up. I think my dad says it best when he said "ya just when you think you are going to get your head above water some asshole walks by and pushes you back under". All of these are just a few of the times over the last few years that I have to examine the friendships in my life. It amazes me how many times you think someone is a really close friends and when life throws you a curve ball they run the other way. I hope I am never this friend to anyone. I have also learned that not all friends are the same. I have lots of different types of friends. It has taken me a long time to figure out how to balance my friends. I have my "special" friends and this is a term I use to refer to my friends that I have met because of Riley having Down syndrome, and I have my regular friends of which most I have through work or through different things with Rex. At first I couldn't find the balance because it was if I was living in two different worlds. What I have come to find out is that is was my friends love me for me and that includes the person I have become since Riley was born. I don't think that my entire personality has changes but I do think I have some different views of parenting and life since Riley's birth. I also think that my relationship with God has changed. This become apparent today as I sat in church and pondered my life and my friends and some of the different issues my friends and I are going through. I am trying to work on letting go of the things in my life that I have no control over and asking Jesus to help with the burden. There are somethings that I will never have answers for and I guess that is the whole point, I have to have faith that God will lead me down the path that I need to travel. God has brought me some very special friends that have made my life easier and much more fun.

OK so I have babbled a long time about my friends and so I will try to create my Friendship Friday and highlight one of my BFF's and what they mean to me. OK I'm going to bed tonight because I don't think this is going to make much more sense. More soon.


  1. Definetly sappy but I love it. I too have had a lot of time to anaylize friendships. I have to say that you are one of very few people that even really knows me anymore (thanks for the tissue, ha ha.) I obviously feel comfortable in sharing my real feelings with you, lucky you : ) I'm glad that we are on this crazy journey called life together and that I know that you will be there for me no matter what! Love ya!

    PS - The beer pictures didn't turn out so well, I may post them at a later date.
    PSS - For your info Wordless Wednesday is fabulous, trust me you will run out of things to say every once in a while, but I'll play along with your themes when I can think of something!!

  2. Remember the gospel of Gramma June. If you have one friend in your life you are blessed. Think of the blessings you have received in your short life.


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