Friday, October 10, 2008

Clown Car

Well a few weeks ago we bought Justin a small little car for bombing around town. It is a older Nissan Sentra that gets over 30 miles to the gallon. Much better than the old Jeep he has been driving. So if you know of anyone that needs a 93 Jeep Wagoneer for the winter give us a call. We can make you a terrific deal. Anyway, I ended up driving his new little car to work this morning. And when I say little I mean it. I am fairly tall, not huge, but tall enough that people assume I have long legs. I so do not!!! So I am driving this tiny little car with the seat pushed way up so I can reach all the pedals and look ridiculous. It is like having my very own clown car. Ask Justin to sign the jingle for you cause he will :-) Well as if I don't look silly enough driving this thing I proceed to kill it twice in the drive though at Starbucks. Yes, it is a stick and I am completely out of practise driving a stick. The coffee took pity on my a put stopper things in the lids so I would lose any coffee on the way to the office with my lurchy stick shift driving.

This entire morning drive reminded me of a my very first trip to Spokane in a stick shift. My dad insisted that I learn to drive a stick before anything else. It worked out well because the car I ended up having to drive was a stick. I did alright with it but not actually growing up in Spokane I was super scared of driving in traffic. Makes me giggle thinking about it now because there isn't really traffic in Spokane compared to large cities but when you grow up in a town of 500 having another car on the road is traffic. So I con my cousin into going with me on my first trip to Spokane.... some how I could make her do anything. Well we headed downtown and the trip was fine until we got off the freeway. The darn stop lights were the death of me. I was at about my second light and I proceed to kill the car and then can't start it. I must have killed it about a dozen times. There is something difficult about holding the clutch in when your leg is shaking so intensely. It took me an entire cycle at the light with people honking at me to make it through. Talk about traumatic for a 16 year old. It has been good for some laughs over the years but I nearly killed Aimee and I that night. Thankfully there was someone looking out for us. Ah Good times!!

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