Sunday, October 5, 2008


Ella and Riley had a moment of affection this afternoon and we actually caught it on film. Note the closed mouth kiss from both sides. (very rare for Riley but maybe Ella can teach him) The kids are so cute together. They sometimes are quite intrigued with each other and at other times they bring each other to tears. I guess it is like any other boy girl relationship :-) Riley is intrigued with Ella's hair when she has it in pig tails. He likes to grab it and almost pet it. At least he doesn't yank on it. It is the cutest thing when they sit next to each other at circle time at school and he reaches over to pet her hair as if to say oh so soft, or is he saying what is this stuff and why don't I have it on top of my head. Ella has been doing so much better with Riley and his loud voice. She has started patting his shoulder during circle time and doesn't cry at the site of him. They kids spent a lot of time together this weekend with the garage sale and they did really well most of the time. It wasn't until late this afternoon that Ella started to cry when she was forced to be to close to Riley. At one point she when he was crawling towards her she actually put her hand out and says STOP. It was very funny and sad all at the same time. I wonder what their friendship will be like as they grow up. I hope they find a true friend in each other. It will be nice to know that they will have someone facing similar issues to lean on.


  1. Cute, cute!! That is cool that ya'll live close like that. I told Kacey that I may be moving up that direction too!! That would be a lot of fun, they are all pretty close in age!

  2. Absolutely adorable picture!!


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