Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy 90th Birthday Gramma Elsie

I have been working on my first photo montage. Could there be a better reason to share than Riley's Great Gramma's 90th birthday.

Elsie I hope you enjoy the pictures of your great Grandsons. I haven't been the greastest about sending pictures so this will catch you up on the last 2 years on any that you have missed. I promise I'll post pictures often so you won't miss any more of your little guys.

I wish we could be with you to celebrate your 90th. What an wonderful reason to celebrate. I can only imagine all you have seen and experienced over the last 90 years. I only hope I am as fiesty as you are when I'm 90.

Love you!!!


  1. I'm sure Elsie will love this.

  2. YAY!! Love it. It so cute to see all the pictures of Riley as a little baby!! Rex looks like such a baby too in some of these!! Good Job!

  3. LOVE the photo montage. GREAT job Mary!



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