Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Racing Stripes

Rex had his six year check up tonight after soccer practice. I know it will be an action packed evening because I have to leave soccer a little early to get to the clinic in time. We have the most amazing pediatrician's office. They keep regular office hours until 8pm Monday through Thurs and even open half days on Saturday. I can't even count how many urgent care visits they have saved us. On the way to the car Rex start whining that his bottom itched. By the time we arrived, less than five minutes later, Rex was practically coming off his seat because his butt itched so bad. I guess the cartoon that was playing in the waiting room was enough of a distraction because by the time we got in the exam room and Dr. Bruce came in Rex had totally forgotten about his itchy bum. Now I realize that hygiene can always be an issue with a boy this age but historically he does have a lot of constipation and other poop related issues. So after a series of questions and the rest of list of questions that come with a check up Dr. Bruce starts the exam. We start at the top and his eyes are great and down we go. His lungs sound great as well which is always amazing to me with all of the asthma related issues Rex has had. By the time we reach the bum Rex flips over and assumes the positions. Well what do you know he doesn't have hemorrhoids but he sure does have to learn to wipe better. Seriously disgusting when he points his bum at you and even as a mom I can see all and tell you that I have failed him somehow. GROSS! No wonder it itches. So tonight we had not only another wiping lesson but an entire discussion over our McDonalds dinner about how to clean between the cheeks when he showers.

So over all I have a very healthy six year old that weighs in at almost 59 pounds and is almost 46 inches tall. Right on track with his growth pattern.


  1. Someday Rex will find out you told this story and may not forgive you. Poor kid. Yuck!

  2. Ha ha ha!! At least he didn't reach in and scratch it and have poop on his hand like my dear sweet boy. Boys are SO gross!!!! Your doctor's office is way cool with their hours!!

  3. That's just hilarious! We're off to a well-check this morning. I'm sure we'll be waiting for at least an hour. Ugh! :)

    I agree with Kacey...boys are gross. Now that I have 3 pee-ers...my bathroom always smells like pee no matter what I do!!


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