Tuesday, October 11, 2016

31 Days of Down syndrome Awareness - Day 11

This is one of my favorite posts to do each year.  It's  fun to hear Rex's take on life with a brother with Down syndrome.  The bond between these two is incredible.  Don't get me wrong they still argue like siblings do but they have a very special relationship.  I am very very thankful for the awesome big brother Rex is.  

What is Down syndrome?    It is a learning disability.  It makes you learn just a wee bit slower.  
What do you think about having a brother with Down syndrome?  Umm it's not bad.  It's a little bit challenging. 

How is it challenging?  He has to argue about EVERYTHING.

What is the best thing about having Riley for a brother?   All of the funny stories.  Like walking out butt naked from a public restroom or randomly throwing out cuss words.  

What is the worst part about having a brother with Down syndrome?  The fact that I can't share my sports with him.  I can't just go out and play catch with him.  

What would you do if someone made fun of Riley for having Down syndrome?  I'd probably explain what Down syndrome is.  Would you punch them in the nose?  Well ya if they kept making fun of him after I explained it.  I totally would.  

How would it make you feel?   Mad and sad.  Just because someone has a disability it isn't OK to make fun of the.  

What would you tell a friend that was worried about having a brother with Down syndrome?   I'd tell them that its OK because you will have a lot of funny stories.  

What do you think about Riley going to a different school?  It's fine.  

Do your friends ask questions about Riley and Down syndrome or tell you he bugs them?  If anything they talk about Riley in a good way.  Especially funny stories like the time he was in the dryer.  They talked about that a lot.  

Do you get tired of hearing how cute or funny he is?  A little ya.  Its kinda annoying.  But that would be the same with anybody though.  
What do you think about hanging out with friends like Hunter  that have a sister with Down syndrome?  Its good because you can share your stories and experience and they actually know what is going on.  He can relate.  

Do you and Hunter talk about Riley and Ella?    More just comparing the funny stories and what weird experiences we've had.  

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