Wednesday, October 5, 2016

31 Days of Down syndrome Awareness - Day 5

Riley has the most amazing big brother.  Today I am extra thankful for the awesome kid Rex is.  Life is extra crazy at our house right now.  I'm preparing to start a new job with full time hours and it has become a logistical nightmare.  Not every 14 year old would be excited about walking their little brother to school but Rex stepped up with out batting an eye and said sure he'd do it.   Its not that its a huge distance but timing is going to be everything on this journey.  Timing things too close can get tricky on a good day but you add Riley's unpredictability to it and it can be a big task for any adult. Hopefully this doesn't end with Rex running down the street with Riley over his shoulder or Riley sitting in the middle of the sidewalk refusing to walk.  

 Time and time again Rex steps up and helps in a big way and I am so very grateful he is willing and able help with Riley.   

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