Friday, October 7, 2016

31 Days of Down syndrome Awareness - Day -7

What does a typical day at our house look like?  It often varies a bit by season.  Football season, baseball season and so on.  As often as possible we sit down to dinner together.  Its likely not a fancy meal but we do sit down together.  Tonight's gourmet offering was gluten free corn dogs.  Our dinner conversation can often be the funnies of part of the day.  

Most often it involves Riley realizing that he has to go to the bathroom and rushing off to take care of his business.  This routine doesn't change much no matter where sit down for dinner.  Last night for example we were out at my mom and dads.  We are mid meal and Riley announces that he needs the bathroom and off we go.  The rest of us are continuing to eat our meal and here come Riley stripped down to his undies.  As Rex pointed out he at least leaves his underwear now.  I guess we'll call it a success.  

There have been some good stories about Riley over the years and his dislike of clothes.  In kindergarten he came out of the bathroom in only his the white polo shirt to his school uniform.  For a time he would come out of the bathroom yelling "wanna see my naked" .   During dinner last night Rex minded us of the time their sitter took them to the children's museum and Riley came out of the public bathroom complete naked.  That was a great way to break in a new sitter.  

Riley prefers to be comfy in his boxers and nothing else.  If given the opportunity that is all he'd wear all day.  We have at least established the ground rules that he can't help cook with out pants on and we try to make sure he has pants on before he heads outside to play.  He sneaks out on us every once in a while.  Thankfully our neighbors have a great sense of humor.  

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