Thursday, October 20, 2016

31 Days of Down syndrome Awareness - Day 20

 Riley's 4th grade gen ed teacher uses a project based approach to homework which typically makes it something Riley can accomplish.  This week we read a fun story about a little boy going on a grand adventure.  We were given options to make a map of our own adventure, a story poster or to write a recipe for an adventure.  Riley gave me all the ingredients for a great camping adventures.  He says I just want to talk about it.  Which is his way of telling me that he'd tell me what to write.  He did make the list completely by himself.  He knows how to have a camping adventure!

Then we made a video of Riley reading his recipe for a adventure.  So technically we are supposed read the story the first night and then pick a project each of the remaining nights I take a little liberty for our sanity and we typically just complete one.  It works and typically Riley is cooperative.

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