Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sassy Saturday Upates

I'm failing at the 31 for 21 challenge this year.  I fell asleep waiting for my video to upload last night and missed my second day in the first 15.  Not good averages.  I still don't have time to update my video so the hearing aid post waits for yet another day.  Today you get some really random updates...  enjoy!

This week Riley had an check up with the urologist.  He is doing well and while we have to continue to monitor but hope to be done with the medicine by February. 

He also had a check up with the audiologist for his hearing aids and all is good there. 

Rex won both his football game and soccer game today.  He is loving playing on the line and pushing kids around.  He also scored a goal at his soccer game. 

Riley is talking more and more.  He has been asking for his Ella.  Last night he asked for "my Ella, Kacey, CHRIS, and Unter"    So we are busy playing tonight.  Hope you are too!


  1. We had fun tonight! Thanks for the yummy dinner! Ella had a blast playing with Riley, so glad she doesn't cry anymore : ) Riley was hysterical singing the turtle HAVE to record it!!!

  2. Lurking...and catching up!


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