Thursday, October 20, 2011

The big move!

Tonight we moved Rex into his own room.  He decided almost 2 years ago that he wanted to share a room with Riley.  It has worked great to have them sleeping in one room and have the toys in the other room.  Late this summer he asked if he could have his own room again.  We decided this was a good decision and so for Rex's birthday we promised him a new bedroom of his own.  This simple project has turned into the longest small project ever.  We painted, pulled the trim and repainted that and Justin refinished the hardwood floors.  It has all turned out really well.  Rex picked a silvery gray color for the walls and I painted the ceiling dark gray.  We trimmed it in white and a light finish on the floors.  All in all I think it looks great.  My mom hooked us up with curtains.  Rex decided he wanted Washington State University cougars for his curtains and Gramma gave him a great cougar blanket for his birthday.  He is in heaven! 

We aren't quite done but its close and tonight he moved his bed into his new room.  He went to sleep a very happy boy tonight, but not before he hung a sign on the door marking his territory. 

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  1. Ha! I love it! What is up with the territory marking? Abby made signs and hung them on her doors last week. Granted she's 4 so basically you've got ABBY and a circle with a line through it, which means stay out of my room peeps. (I paraphrase). ( ;


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