Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How did that happen?

Some time during the night when I wasn't looking my little Rex became a 3rd grader.  He is doing well this school year.  Not that I expected anything else but its always nice to see that first progress report come home with great remarks about how well he is doing.  He is reading up a storm in between soccer, football and regular homework.  Thank goodness he caught the reading but because I don't think I have the energy to wage that battle every night.  He has most of his best buddies in his class so he is in heaven! 

1st day of third grade-  ~ Aug 31, 2011

Big brothers first day of school

It was a great surprise to find one of Rex's best buddies at his table

Possibly the cutest teacher ever...  I think the school has a plan to help keep little boys interested in school

Riley started preschool two weeks after Rex started.  It was a nice way to transition into the school year.  We've had to make changes in childcare as well so Riley started a new daycare and preschool on the same day.  I was worried about all the changes being too much but he handled them like a champ.  I on the other hand was a mess but that's an entirely different story.

1st day of Riley's last year of preschool ~ fall 2011

A little help from big brother!

Working hard at daycare

The girls at daycare posed him for 1st day of preschool pictures

Riley is having a great start to the school year.  He is making new friends and impressing his teachers.  Since we've all but checked potty training off the list I think he will be all set for kindergarten next fall.  The real question will be if I'm ready for kindergarten in the fall.

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  1. ...Um, how did I miss this?!
    LOVE that last pic of Riley - he looks SO big!


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