Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I gotta get myself some Kekahunas!

Sorry but your in for random thoughts by an exhausted Mary tonight. 

My blogger friend Tiffany had her big day on her blog today.  A site featured her blog and she is getting a ton of traffic.  Stop by and see her...  she made treats for us and even cleaned for her special bloggy party.  :-)  Elasta mom is her blog and its worth the click to check her out and leave her a comment telling her I sent you.  If you blog much you know how fun it is to get comments and we need to make this a record comment day for her.  We've joked that there are so many blogs that are so fake and annoying get huge traffic.  It feels a little like going back to high school and the popularity contest.  I promise Tiffany is as real as they come.  Her daughter has Cru du Chat and Tiffany beautifully share the story of the daily grind with a nice optimistic spin. 

I also stopped by to see my girl Carrie.  I know her in real life and have loved reading her blog Inner Hippie.   I'm stealing her words from her About me section on her blog. 

My name is Carrie. I am a very busy mother of 4 all under the age of 9. My husband works for Burlington Northern and is out of town most of the time. I am trying to get more organized, create a little art and lose the last of the baby weight. I’m not a writer so don’t expect much but I can promise lots of craziness and laundry.
I have a goal of running my first 5K in November 2011. I have never ran a full mile. I am working with an athletic trainer so I can run without my Terminator leg braces (as I like to call them). I have asthma and ACL reconstruction on both knees. I have lost 60 lbs and still have 20 pounds to go. Everyday I am a step closer.
I promise you won't regret following her blog either.  Her kick butt attitude amazes me on a regular basis.  I whine about having no time and she is chasing 4 kiddos 9 and under, making it to the gym and is the most amazing cake baker ever.   Someday when I grow up I'm going to have Kekahunas just like her.  Seriously I love her last name.  Such an endless amount of fun I have saying Kekahuna.  Its the simple things in life really. 

I don't follow too many blogs these days but these are two I truly enjoy.  I make time for real people that have real stories.  I hate the sugar coated my life is a storybook blogs and will pass them by to read real stories of real moms getting it done in a heart beat. 

This morning I compliment Riley's teacher on her cute outfit.  She was dressier than usual but super cute.  She laughs and says "ah thanks.  I was out of town this weekend and didn't get the laundry done"   I so get that.  I love these little reminders that most moms are in the same boat.  We are all running around trying to get it all done and sometimes we make it and sometimes we stumble.  Cell phones have been outlawed while driving.  I am much more distracted thinking about my to do list as I drive to work.  Talking on the phone is the much easier than balancing the checkbook, scheduling a drs apointment, writing the grocery list and scheduling the days activities. 

So here's to all the real moms getting it done everyday.  I love ya all! 


  1. Here here, that makes me want to have a lemon drop martini...:) Here's to the moms that love theirs families but their houses may not be perfect, laundry is not always done (heck you may even have to have the kids recycle, lol just kidding), pizza is what's for dinner for the 3rd time this week, and we can get the kids to their stuff on time but forget we ran out of the house with no makeup and sporting pjs! Love ya Mary, your an awesome mom!

  2. I always admire your honesty and your sense of humor. You crack me up! I agree with Kristen cheers to you for a being a "Real" Mom and pass the martini this way! he he Sonja

  3. Oh Mary,
    I think we attract people we admire because I truly admire you and your strength. You are super funny and always seem to smile even when you feel burnt out. You bring the sunshine to me. So I just may need a pair of Kibbes!

    Love You!


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