Monday, June 7, 2010

Wolf in the Pack

Saturday we had the end of the year Pack picnic for the Cub scouts.  They started the program by bringing all of the summer birthdays to the front so we could sing.  Mr. Enthusiasm himself stood there while we sang.  Love this kids excitement!

The tigers were brought up to Bridge over to the next level. They had to recite the pledge and the cub scout promise.   
I Rex Kibbe promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and my country,

To help other people, and

To obey the Law of the Pack.

The kids had to walk across the bridge, stop salute the Pack leader and then cross over to receive the new Wolf book and neckerchief and slide.  Rex was super excited about all of this.  He wanted the new gear on immediately.  When we got home he took his new Wolf manual downstairs to read over.  He wanted to check it all out.   Justin will have a bigger role in the Wolf Den as well.  I think he is going to volunteer to replace the Den mother who is moving out of our school.  That should be a fun adventure for the family.  Rex will be super exited if it all works out.  I wonder if it will be as cool as when Justin was his t-ball coach???

Justin and I are so proud of Rex for completing his Tiger year.  He worked are to finish all of the activities and had a ton of fun with his Pinewood Derby.  I love all that the Scouts promise to teach him as he grows.  I hope it is something that he continues to enjoy.   It is such a nice balance to all the sports he loves to play. 

Way to Go Rex!!!


  1. This is so cool. Congratulations Rex! Cub Scouts is such a cool program.

  2. Yeah Rex!!! We love Scouts over here too!!


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