Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Love Revolution

My friend Stacy needs our help.  Stacy had the privilege of living with Justin and I during college.  I figure I owe her a little something for putting up with us back then.  Stacy has posted an audition video in an effort to win her own talk show on Oprah's new network.  Sounds fun doesn't it.  Below you will find a little bit about the show that Stacy is pitching.  I think everyone that reads this blog would have to agree that our family and children are the most important people and work we do.  Here is your chance to do something easy to help a whole lot of children.  Just think what families can do with a little support.  So please please please follow the link below and vote to give kids a little support. 

The Love Revolution is a talk show promoting healthy family relationships through love based approaches. So many parents and caregivers need more support and resources to raise their children. Join the Love Revolution to help bring these resources to life. Every episode will include practical applications in real-life situations from experts in the children's health field. Topics may include: grandparents raising grandkids, raising a child with severe mental illness, parenting the traumatized child, attachment and bonding with your baby, and the power of play at all ages. We must counteract negative stigmas and duplicate the positive energy that goes into parenting millions of our children. Join The Love Revolution and VOTE today! Thanks!

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