Monday, June 21, 2010

So what color should I paint my living room?

It turns out that when a boy named Riley gets a hold of one of these......

A Category 5 Storm is not far behind!

Note:  These are 3 different circles...that's about 5 feet of wall

Note the detail in his work.  We had pizza for dinner and he didn't eat his so apparently he thought he'd decorate it.  I love that he drew on top of the pizza sauce container.  At least the marker came off the chair and the table cloth cost about 2bucks on clearance at Target.  I knew when I bought it that Riley's make messes on it and it would be one that I could just toss.  I sure didn't think it would be this kind of a mess.

At this point you are asking yourself how he got a marker and where were his parents?  Well the darling boy was supposed to be watching Elmo in his room.  We had moved him in Rex's room tonight since Rex has been having trouble going to bed and convinced us that having Riley in his room  would make it better since he'd have company.  Well Justin put a DVD on the computer and he was all snuggled in his bed like the king of the world and was quiet. 

Its not like Riley to be quiet enough for no one to notice him walking around.  So I'm not exactly sure how we both thought he was watching Elmo has he was creating his art.  He had to climb up to the kitchen table to the pizza sauce...  seriously not a peep.  What I'd really like to know is where he found a sharpie marker.  It isn't like we don't know him...we wouldn't just leave it out.  I can't even remember the last time I used or saw this marker. 

So to turn this lemon into lemonade.......what color should we redo our living room/dining room area in? 


  1. Sharpy black : ) Or you could just leave it as is, it's one of a kind artwork! Or you could paint over it with chalkboard paint, it would turn the lower part of you wall into a chalkboard then he could draw on it with chalk all he wanted, I think that would be so cool for the kids but I HATE chalk dust, hate the way it feels and smells so I haven't done it :)

  2. Oh dear! I kinda like the design though! My daughters door is covered in marker too. I still haven't painted.

  3. That's awesome...and terrible!! :) Did you try rubbing alcohol and a magic eraser? works wonders!! If you do decide to paint...I'm thinking blue!!

  4. Riley is quite the artist!! You are handling it so well! I like a chocolate brown color - but that might be too dark. Let us know what you decide to do!

  5. You are handling this well! I really like Sherwin William's color Softer Tan. It goes with everything and is quite soothing! I just painted Edward's bedroom that color last weekend.

  6. How about a beautiful lemonade color? That would be bright wouldn't it? I agree with Elizabeth - admire the way you are handling it.


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