Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 21 - 31 for 21 2013

Each year during the 31 for 21 Challenge I have put together a list of 21 Fun Facts about Riley. See the theme -  21 things to go with the 21st chromosome on the 21 day of the challenge.  I'm clever like that.

You can read the previous years here.

So here goes for 2013. 

1. Riley can read! He is getting more confident by the day. 

2. When he finishes something he is proud of he yells " I made it". 

3. Rex is his favorite person in the entire world. 

4. Riley loves a good birthday party. He doesn't even really need a birthday for an excuse to sing he just loves to sing happy birthday! 

 5. He thrives with routine. We talk through the schedule of the day over and over and over.  

 6. He finally grew enough that he can use a booster seat in the car. I wasn't sure he'd ever reach 40 pounds. 

 7. OK Honey! I’m currently Riley’s honey. He loves a good joke and messing with my name is a pretty good laugh. It's better than using my name as swear word like he did all summer.  

 8. Riley loves to dance. He is currently taking bib bob aka Hip Hop class. It has been fun but I’m not sure if he will continue much longer. He may be more of a free style living room dance party kind of guy.  

9. Taking Riley to church is entertaining. When he was really little it was more of an aerobic activity and not it’s more of an exercise in not laughing. Thankfully he has stopped crawling under the pew to join the family in front of us and saves the really good antics for school mass. 

 10. Riley has an incredible gift for names. He wants to know everyone’s name. He might ask you to repeat it 50 times but it will stick and then he’s got you forever. 

 11. Once he knows your name he isn’t afraid to use it. When we go to Rex’s football games he knows most of the parents and he thinks they are all his playmates. He often yells at them to sit with us and play. Surprisingly most of them do. You'd never believe how many people stop and play bad guys with him. 

 12. Riley still calls all meat chicken.

 13. Riley loves to take cottage cheese in his lunch box.  He eats it every day for snack. It completely grosses the rest of the family out. 

 14. Riley loves stuffed annimals and could play for hours making them act out things. He refuses to have them any where near his bed when he sleeps. 

 15. Our current bedtime routine includes kisses and dad tucking him in. He then requests me to come check on him. He pretends to be asleep until you wisper I love you then he can't hide his sweet smile. 

16. Riley loves to go visit Gramma and Grampa on the farm. My dad has to hide the keys to the 4 wheeler, lawn mower and tractor because Riley knows exactly how to start them all. 

17. Riley can't tell you his phone number but he can tell you the 4 digit passcode to my iPhone. 

18. We visited Yellowstone Park 3 summers ago. Riley will still tell you about the buffalo and elk like it was yesterday 

 19. Riley loves chocolate. You can bribe him to do lots of things for a piece of chocolate. The tub of chocolate covered raisens from Costco would go a long way to getting homework done if the rest of the family would leave them alone. 

 20. Riley's laugh is contagioius. He smiles with his entire body. 

 21. Riley is an amazing little man that will continue to teach everyone around him. He offers lessons daily on patience. Thankfully also shares a lot of laughter!!!

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