Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 15 31 for 21 2013

Every year during during the 31 for 21 Challenge I like to check in with Rex. His thoughts on Down syndrome are interesting and its always fun to see how his mind works. Rex isn't always the chattiest of boys so its a good excuse to ask a lot of questions. 

What is Down syndrome? I would say its something that makes a person not learn or understand things as fast as other people. 

What do you think about having a brother with Down syndrome? I think its fun. I like being able to wrestle with him to get him stronger. Plus he's pretty funny. 

What is the best thing about having Riley for a brother? He's funny cause he can slap his cheeks with his feet. He almost never gets hurt and he's fun to play with because he has a big imagination. 

What is the worst thing about having Riley for a brother? He doesn't listen too well.

What would you do if someone made fun of Riley for having Down syndrom? If someone was picking on him because he looked different or didn't learn something as fast I would tell them Don't pick on him because he may not look the same but he is still one of God's creations. 

Have you ever heard someone pick on Riley? No most of the time people say how cute or funny he is. 

If someone did pick on Riley how would that make you feel? I would feel angry, sad and confused about why they would pick on a little kid like Riley. 

Do you get tired of hearing how cute Riley is? Yes, I hear it all the time. Sometimes cause its the only thing they talk about and I have to live with Riley and I already know that he is funny. 

What would you tell a friend that was worried about having a brother with Down syndrome? I would tell them not to worry because just because they will have a disability it only means they won't learn quite as fast as other people but they will have a big imagination.

What do you thing about having having friends like Hunter that have a sibiling with Down syndrome? Hmm.. yes. Because its nice to know someone else that has a sister with Down syndrome because he can relate. But mom you shouldn't be friends with someone just cause their sibling has a disability. You should just be nice to everyone. 

Any final thoguths? Nope thats all I have to say about Down syndrome.

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