Monday, August 23, 2010

Rewind Summer 2010 - July 3 2010

My family on my Dad's side gathered at Coeurd'lane Lake to celebrate family and summer.  It was a fun day spent with the cousins that that live pretty close.  We missed my Uncle Nick and Aunt Diana and their family but since they live in Indiana and Michigan it was a bit of a long drive for an afternoon gathering.  As you can see I have a lot of cousins. We Hein's take that go forth and multiply stuff pretty seriously.  Since we don't get together as often as we should my  lil cousin Tiffany was nice and forced us all onto the deck to take a Hein family photo.  You can see we were pretty good sports and smiled and everything. 

It wasn't until the support beams on the deck started to crack....

That people started to squirm and make a run for it!

I love that the cameras on timers caught our expressions as we heard the big CRACK as the beams started to spil.  But fear not there were no Hein's injured in the filiming of these photos.  There will be some repair work to the deck but all in all it was a fun memory of a great day. 


  1. Mary, I had heard about these pictures! I love the varying degrees of panic as the pictures progress. Kathi and Tiffany still smiling away while I think its Barbara is holding onto Roy's neck for dear life. Glad no one got hurt.

    I'm always bummed we miss the all the fun "Hein" stuff.

  2. Haha! That's too funny! Glad no Hein's were injured in the filming of that wonderful family moment. ( :

  3. Your blog is great! Keira has been dancing lately too, in fact, I pulled out my big video camera last night to record her but the battery was dead!
    Also, my husband's mother is a "Heins" there are some Heins family in this area, which I realize is not the same as Hein, but at some point down the line it could have come from the same family, cool! We are in Iowa, are you in Washington?
    How is Riley liking school? I am with you on the not posting over the summer and will be thankful to get back into the "routine". Kristi


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