Friday, January 1, 2010

A Whole New Decade

We have slid into this new year and new decade pretty smoothly and quietly.  I love the idea of a new year and even more so a new decade.  I'm not sure why that appeals to me so much but the thought of a clean start to a fresh new year sounds exciting. 

When I look back on the last decade it has been a busy one for us.  Justin and I were still living in Montana at the start of 2000.  Its a hoot to think back to the panic of Y2K.  Shortly after the year started we moved back home (for me) to Spokane.  Its hard to believe we have been in Spokane for 10 years this March.  We have since started a family, bought our first home and have created so many family memories it doesn't seem possible. 

The last decade has had many bumps in the road but I've discovered that they bumps just make for a better adventure.  How borning would life be if everything went just so and there were never any surprises or things that made you work just a little bit harder.  We'd never appreciate all we had if we didn't have to work a bit for it. 

As I sit and think about where we might be at the end of this new decade it makes me a bit overwhelmed.  Rex will be 17 and approaching the end of highschool.  Riley will be 13...I don't want to think about puberty with two boys.  I think for now I'll just focus on this new year before us.  I want to focus my energy this year on my family and having as much fun as possible. As always I have some grand plans for the year but really they all come back that one place-  my family.   The details of going to the gym, getting strong, losing weight, getting organzing all feed the family fun time.  If I am healthy both mentally and physically then I will be busy having fun with the boys. 

2010 is here and I am excited to see all it will bring.   I hope that it will bring good health and great wealth to all of you and your families. 


  1. I, too, am in love with the new year and the new decade. It's a baby year for us, so that makes 2010 even more spectacular!! It's funny how once you have a family, everything (like you said - going to the gym, getting strong, etc) ties back to how you can make life better for your kids and family. Happy New Year Mary!

  2. It is such a nice feeling - starting fresh! I remember all of the panic associated with Y2K ... I think I even filled our bathtub full of water just in case! Too funny.

    I hope you have a fantastic year ahead!

  3. Happy New Year Kibbe family! You are an amazing woman, Mary! (Hugs, Kelli P.)

  4. I feel much the same way. This decade brought me my two children, as well and it's amazing to consider where they will be in ten years.

    I feel very positive about this new year in a way that I have not in a LONG time. I wish you and yours a wonderful decade!


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