Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Guess What I Bought Today????

So it’s not as exciting as a new house or fancy new wheels but I'm still pretty excited. Suddenly Riley seems really interested in potty training so we are going with it. When I say suddenly I mean it. A week ago we were telling friends that we didn't think he'd ever potty train. It seems to be a common question... apparently all 3 year olds should be potty trained regardless of how many chromosomes they have. I've been mocking people, including my m mom, that have asked. Seriously the poor kid’s penis is still buried in a fat roll most of the time. Though, magically when you sit on the potty it seems that this is not an issue. Plus he really has shown no care if he is wet or dirty or anything. How does a child learn how to go potty if he never associates the feeling before with feeling gross afterward? Still not sure how that works but suddenly Riley is paying attention and seems to realize when he has to go poop. He seems to know he has to tinkle but it is harder for him to relax and let it happen.

I'm chalking this up to Riley hearing me tell people that he will be 4 before we really work on potty training. Man this child is more competitive than me. He is out to prove mom and dad wrong.

Mom I'm listening and I will prove you wrong!  I can do it when ever I choose!


  1. YEAH RILEY!!! I told Olivia that 2010 is our last year for diapers and pull-ups. We'll see!!

  2. That is so great!! I haven't even thought about potty training Joel yet but I know that day is coming. I'm a bit nervous about it - training Caleb was a nightmare!

    Good luck Riley!!


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