Thursday, January 14, 2010

Real Confessions

OK world I confess I'm a slob.  While I don't think I'm ready to be featured on the show Hoarders I do have an organization issue.  I'm sure my mom would be happy to tell stories of my bedroom always being a disaster and my not knowning how to iron my cloths.  As we jump right into 2010 I continue to try to improve this part of my life.  I know my world world be so much calmer if I was organized.  I hate mornings and the majority of my morning stress is that I'm always late and running around trying to find something for me or the boys.  We've always used the excuse that our house is small and the closets are terrible. Well today I voe to change that. I can't do a thing about the size of my house at this very moment but I can work on the closets.  Our house is a early 1960's rancher and the rooms are small and the closets are simple.  Apparently people were little and had no need for clothes or more than 1 pair of shoes in the early 60's. 

So because Riley had a rash this morning I took him to the Dr.  this afternoon.  Good thing because this simple rash that I thought had to do with the 5 teeth that have just  broke through or the 3 more that are about too..........

is really strep.  Poor Riley is sick again and it hit fast.  This morning this rash crept up his nose to his forhead and by the time we made it to the Dr at 3:30 this afternoon he was weazing and looked more like this....

It went downhill fast.  He has his first dose of antibiotics on board as well as some albuteral.  Add in some motrin and his is resting soundly at the moment.  Hopefully he'll sleep all night and be an entirley new kiddo in the morning. 

We are home for the weekend since he's still contagious tomorrow and I'm sure he won't be himself even if he does feel better.  So I am taking advantage of the home time and tackling the first closet.  It currently looks like this. 

I can't believe I even posted these pictures.  I guess it will keep me honest.  We have officially purchased a closest organziation system and you'll have come visit this weekend to see my progress. 


  1. You so funny! I love it! Have fun organizing-I am sure it will look awesome when you are done! Hope Riley feels better today!


  2. Oh, the poor baby! I'm slowly getting well (thanks for the good thoughts BTW) but now my daughter is sick. UGH! She looks a lot like Riley right now.

    Good luck with the organization. I love to organize -- other people! I used to work at The Container Store. I love the products, etc. But it is so hard to organize myself. I attach meaning to everything! Anyways, I shall be watching for the after photos! :-)

  3. I sure hope Riley is feeling better today. That second picture of him is just so awful. I hope your organization project goes great! Good for you for tackling your closets. I need to do the same. Closets are the place I put everything!

  4. I want to see those after photos! You motivated me to organize a little - well, mostly get rid of junk that we've had sitting around the house moving from room to room that we don't really want/need. I love craigslist! Anyway, hope your kids are feeling better and that your organization is going well.


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