Monday, January 18, 2010

All Done!

Well in the words of Riley I'm  "ALL DONE!!"  with my closet project. Well not actually but for now.  I have to work on some better baskets to put on the shelves and we are still going to add the shoe racks but for now I'm calling it a day.  It has been a busy weekend.  Note to self:  don't start projects with sick kids.  Not a good plan at all.  Riley has had a rough few days but looks somewhat better.  The rash is still there and the Dr tells me that it will peel so the best is yet to come appearence wise but he is feeling much better.  He has had a respitory thing along with the strep so his cough still sounds terrible and he is still getting neb treatments every 4 hours or so.  Rex must of felt left out because his asthma is all flaired up.  We have up'd his meds and if he doesn't improve in the next few days it will be off to the Dr but for today he's hanging in there. 


So the closet project went pretty stinkin well if I do say so myself.  Friday when I got home from work Justin had the shelves all installed and the hanging clothes moved over.  It was a great start.  My other goal was to move my clothes on to the shelves and removed one dresser from our room and give us some additional space.  Remember we live in a 1960 rancher and the rooms are small so we need all the space we can get. 

So once I started to add baskets and move the clothes in it filled up fast. 

But  look we got rid of the dresser we liked to stack stuff on.  I even got Justin to hang up the mirror that has been hiding in the back of our closet for years. 

The shoes remain an issue.  We are planning to add a couple of shoe racks under the hanging clothes where I have currently have the shoe baskets.  I struggle picturing myself actually using it every day but I may be turning over a new leaf. 

I was in a mood this weekend so I talked Justin in to putting up shelves in the kitchen too.  Our kitchen really really badly needs to be remodled.  I'm talking totally gutted and starting from scratch.  No matter how much I want to do that the budget just isn't going to swing it for quite a while so instead we took out this huge drawer/shelf cabinet and replaced it with shelves and changed the light fixture.  I've been putting this off for ages hope that we'd be able to remodle for real but this is so much better until we come up with the cash.  I'm sure these pictures will make the oraganzied at heart a bit queasy but I like to think of them as progress. 


and AFTER!

I like to think of it as a pantry with out doors :-)


  1. Wow - that's nice! I bet it just feels so, so nice to be organized and to have things in their right place.

  2. Great, now you are making me look bad, guess I better get organized! :-) It looks really good you guys! I really like the closet idea.


  3. It sounds like you had a rough weekend with sick kids. I'm glad Riley is feeling a bit better!

    Great job on your closet and shelves in the kitchen! They both look great! Way to get organized!

  4. Great job guys!! Looking good. I bet having that huge thing out of the kitchen makes it feel bigger!!!

  5. Wow!! Very cool...I'm sure it makes everything seem bigger!!


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