Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Mumbers

90 The number of minutes of peace and quite that I'm enjoying while Rex is at soccer

23487 The number of times Rex sang the same song over and over before leaving for soccer

699 the number of phones calls I had at work today - yes today I was a phone whore

3 the number of minutes I've sat here trying to think up something interesting to write

20 the times in those 3 minutes that I've thought that Kia is way funnier than I with her mumbers

2 the number of boxes that kept Riley entertained last night

4 school days until Rex starts spring break

1.6 is the number of standard deviations that Riley scored below average on his OT reevaluation - +/- 1 is "normal"

-2.5 is the number of standard deviations below normal that he will need to be to qualify for OT, PT and Speech services when he turns three and moves to the school -
1230982130 - the number of times I have wondered how a child with Ds wouldn't qualify for services????

Check out Good Enough Mama - the creator of Monday Mumbers


  1. You got 90 minutes of peace???!!!!!! You need to share that, lady! ;)

  2. 90 minutes of quiet is a rare treat. You must have been very good. gramma

  3. I love your Monday Mumbers!! I haven't done it yet b/c I'm not sure I can do it! :) I think it's interesting that they have to qualify for services at all....this crazy world we live in!!

  4. Enjoy the quiet. I yearn for that type of solitide!

  5. I will miss seeing you and Riley this next week!

    Happy Friday, and maybe you guys can celebrate with some "izza" (Rileys version of PIZZA!)


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