Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Mumbers

To truly appreciate the wonderful thing that is Monday Mumbers you must check out the creator. Good Enough Mama - if you haven't read her blog you really should.

Monday Mumbers

1 The number of days until my new living room furniture arrives

500+ the number of dollars I saved by checking bargains on my lunch hour today on furniture mentioned above

1230980 is the number of times I talked about beautiful new grown up matching furniture that no one has owned before us

10.5 glorious years of marriage and use of lovely hamdidown furniture

2 the number of Costco pizza it took to bribe free labor to move old furniture out of our house into the garage - I'm guessing they would have come for free but it was a great excuse to see friends

40 bucks is what we hope to gain off of Craig's list sale of icky old furniture - we'll settle for 5 :-)


  1. 1---the number of smiles I've had on my face while reading your blog today!

  2. I like this! I'll have to check out that other blog to get the full picture of this Monday Mumbers.

  3. 38350 the number of times I've asked when you were going to get a new couch as i tried to get up off the old one. gramma

  4. 40-The amount of $ I just sold them for on craigslist :)

    Love ya,
    Your Hubby

  5. Brand spanking new furniture! Are you serious? I've never had such a thing! Right now I'm sporting a cast-off-tornado couch that a friend gave me when insurance wrote it off.

    Congrats on the furniture! Relish it!


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