Sunday, March 15, 2009

We are alive

Last weekend Justin started coming down with a cold. We had made plans to go to a Wishing Start fundraiser but Justin was insistent that we go even though he was sick since it was my birthday weekend and my parents were keeping the boys for the entire weekend. Well we had a great time at the event with our friends Travis and Kristen. A grown up night with no kiddos. The sad thing was we were home and in bed by 10 and Justin barely got out of bed the rest of the weekend. A weekend with no kids and my husband was in bed sick. I dinked around on Saturday enjoying a day of shopping by myself and by Sunday was beginning to feel the pain that Justin was going through. The boys made it until Thursday morning to both get a fever and start in with the same fun. I took them in to the Dr because I was a little nervous about their breathing with Rex having asthma and Riley well on his way to the same diagnosis. Well the lung were clear but the boys tested positive for Influenza A and the Dr ensured me that if they tested positive and Justin and I still felt that terrible then we had it for sure as well. I don't ever remember being this sick before. Thankfully we caught it with the boys and they were able to take some medicine (tamaflu and something else) that made it shorter and less icky for them. They were still very sick boys. So it is Sunday a week later and I am finally going back to work tomorrow and Rex is back to school. I've never missed this much work just for my own illness before - ugh. Rex is very ready to go back to school and it will be good to get back in a normal routine. Well I'll stop whining now and share some pictures.

At some point during the week we caught Riley being funny and climbing in his drawer in the kitchen. It is where we keep his bowls and cups and he loves to get his own bowl for snacks. Well he decided it would also make a pretty good chair. The following day he climbed in and used it for a stool to reach something he wanted on the counter. Little stinker.

Wow looking at the counters and cabinets up close shows just how dirty and old they are. We are hoping to remodel the kitchen this year if money permits so keep your fingers crossed on that one.

He is getting quite demanding these days. For a month or better he has been running around say something that my friend Kacey swears is EAT S(*& Eat S(*& well lately I'm pretty sure that it is I SEE I See This last week while he was out at mom and dads he pushed his way into between my mom and the counter/stove while she was making dinner. After he gets wedged in there he says I SEE just a plain as can be. Now we hear I SEE I SEE for everything. He is nosey and wants to get a good view of everything that is going on.

Tonight we had a yummy dinner that my mom delivered for my birthday. It took us a week to actually want the promised ham and cheesy potatoes but mom delivered them today with a fruit salad and we had a feast. Riley loves Gramma's cheesy spuds too and is getting pretty good at poking his food and scooping with his fork. I was amazed at how he was able to chase the blueberry around and finally capture it with his fork. He still doesn't finish the entire meal with his fork unless you watch him constantly but he is getting better all the time.


  1. 1st HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!Glad you got a feast courtesy of mom, they are usually the best!

    So glad you are all on the mend, what made your doc test for influenza? My doc never tests for anything, lol, you must have a very good ped.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you got at least one night out and one day of shopping. Sounds like you guys got it pretty good.

    I love the pictures of Riley...he is so cute. I just want to squeeze him!!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my made my day!

  3. Sorry you had such a stinky b-day. I have a card and a little gift for you, but I was NOT risking my health to deliver it, ha ha!! Hunter still wants to share his cake with you this weekend : ) Glad you guys are alive.

    Riley was SO saying Eat Sh*t!!! That is so cool that he is saying I see, two word statement, totally awesome!! Hope you have a good week!

  4. Oh My Goodness! Sounds like you have been busy! The flu is horrible!!! I remember having it once and thinking death might be a good option. :) Happy Belated Birthday! We need to go have a drink, on me. I'm glad to hear everyone is feeling better! PS: the pictures of Riley are soooo cute! He's growing up so fast.


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