Friday, October 23, 2009

Making Changes

Get It Down; 31 for 21

Changes are coming for our family.  I can feel it in my heart and I am going to make them happen.  Sorry, I can't share details but there will be changes.  Changes that will make me SOOOOOOOOOO much happier and allow me to be a better mom, wife and person. 

I've been thinking about the length of this 31 for 21 challenge and how difficult it seems each day to find something meaningful to share.  As I was whining about it this evening it really made me stop and think about Riley.  He has Down syndrome every single day of every single month, not just the 31 days in October.  Riley doesn't complain, in fact he greats me every morning with a smile and a hug ( I'll forgive him for asking for Dad every morning)  There are few complaints when I haul him off to PT, OT or Speech therapies and really who doesn't complain a bit when they are asked to do a difficult work out for 2 hours twice a week.  I for one whine over the 1/2 hour I've been trying to fit into my day.  So, I'll stop my complaining and finish the challenge and hopefully allow one more person to see in to the life of a child with Down syndrome and there fore make each day just a little easier for Riley as he grows. 


  1. I love this post. You are so right...Olivia never complains, and I try not to, but sometimes it gets the best of me. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Can't wait to hear about your big changes!

  3. Beautiful post! Stopping by from SITS Saturday to say hi!

    Lovin your blog and you have such a beautiful family. Whatever your changes that are coming, Good Luck with it!

  4. "Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest"

    I'm late visiting everyone so I said to just go by and say helloooo to your SITStas!

    Love this post!


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