Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2nd 2009

Get It Down; 31 for 21

 October has rolled into our house with germs. Well really they are left over from September. Riley has been feeling much better today after a pretty punky week. I finally hauled him into the Dr’s yesterday even and his lungs were clear but he did have an ear infection. So we started a round of antibiotics and he seems to be doing much better today.
Enough better that I took him to school. He and I both needed to get out of the house and he loves seeing his friends. His PT started his reevaluation and his speech therapist finished his evaluation today. Last week his OT started his evaluation as well so in the next few weeks we’ll have an entire set up fresh evaluations. Just in time for his transition to the public school preschool when he turns three.

I've finally bought some new batteries for the camera so tomorrow will bring some new photo's but for now I'll leave you with these of my lil chubby baby.


  1. Tis the season for germs! Bob picked up a lovely stomach flu and so far, knock on wood, we haven't gotten it yet.

    Hope the ear infection clears up fast!

  2. Riley is so cute - I love the pictures!! I hope he feels better soon.


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