Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Get It Down; 31 for 21

Well really just a Tiger Cub.  Rex joined the Cub Scouts and had his first Den meeting last night.  He is SO excited over the whole thing.  It amazes me how they are already so invovled and busy.  Saturday they sold popcorn at the local Fred Meyers store.  It took all of Rex's courage to talk to one person.  I'm hoping Cub Scouts will help him build some confidence around others.  He is so shy its painful at time and I know its painful for him a lot.  This weekend they are off to Trail Blazers.  Its a yearly all day event where he can lean archery, b b guns and all kinds of fun outdoor activities.The best part is that it is a father son project.  The family is invited to the monthly Pack meeting but other than that its all Dad :-)  His Den allows the Tigers to wear the orange Tiger tshirt at the beginning so we'll wait just a little bit until he earns his first patch to get the entire uniform.  Justin's pretty excited too because this Pack also encourages the Dad's to build a car for the Pinewood Derby.  I wonder if thats so the dad's actually let the boys build their own car????????? 


  1. Scouts are AWESOME! Logan and Chance both love doing it. The Pinewood Derby is the best and yes...the dads do most of the work. If you have a competitive father and son, you can go online and find out all kinds of tips on how to make a fast car.

  2. Competive? No one in my house is competive.........hee hee hee. I may lead the way in that department.

  3. We LOVE scouts!!! Yeah for Rex!!

  4. Scouts sounds like such a great activity to be involved in! I just love the pictures - especially the third one of Rex and Riley - so cute!


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