Monday, November 1, 2010

Tricker Treat

We had a ton of fun on Halloween.  Rex had a party in the afternoon with on of his buddies from school.  Justin's Raiders beat the Seahawks as well so it was a good day for all.  We headed over to our friends house for tricker treating and the whole family had a fun night.  Rex was able to go out with his buddy Colin and Riley got to play with his new friends Kaitlyn and Eva or Eba as Riley calls her. 

The weather turned out great.  The rain left and the sun came out and turned it into a beautiful evening.  The boys treat bags were way too full and it better take a long time to polish off all of this candy.  I've never seen so many houses give out full candy bars.  Way better than the mall for sure!  I had fun dumping all of Rex's bag out on the table tonight.  Man he had no idea what I was doing but really is there anything better than dumping out all the loot and sorting thru to see who had the best stuff. 

Riley had a great time and his trick er treat was better by the end of night.  He said tank ew at every house!


  1. Love it when Riley says Eba! And still smile remembering him dance with the skeleton....SO cute!

  2. They both look great, love the video, so cute!


    What a Handsome little man!

    So happy your boys had a fabulous halloween!

    Keep up the good work Riley!


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