Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Neigh, baa, cheep cheep

Riley has been working really hard to use both syllables of words when he speaks.  Sometimes it takes some reminders but he tries so hard.  He is really into animals so we use a lot of animal names and noises to practise.  Last night he crawled up next to me and wanted to read books and I was able to capture some video of his animals. 


  1. Oh my goodness is Riley ever CUTE!! He is doing so well - he knows so many words! Loved watching that video just loved it!

    I am so sad to hear that you are thinking of retiring from blogging and I hope you change your mind :) I love reading about your boys! I do understand what you are saying though. I have found myself struggling with things to write about too and often feel like life is not all that interesting at our house on a day to day basis. If you do retire I hope you will still post pictures and videos of your boys!

  2. That is awesome, Mary!! He is so cute! And is that your voice? It's gorgeous!


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