Thursday, February 18, 2010

Share your home therapy play tips and win

I found this on a blog I read and thought I would share the fun.  Follow the link and share your own fun ideas and have a chance to win a $50 gift card.    Share your Therapy Play tips and Win

I know we have learned several tricks to "play" with Riley to get him to increase his skills.  There are so many families that have shared great ideas you should pop over and check it out.  I'm glad I stopped by to find a new blog.

Our current fav is jump off the furniture onto the bean bag chair.  SHH don't tell Gramma cause she'll have to fix the bean bag after we spill the beans. 


  1. Loved the video - he has no fear! Joel would be right in there with him! At Gymboree Joel throws himself down the slides on his belly! He just loves it!

  2. We were over at a friends house this evening and he did the samething off the stairs....apparently he doesn't need the cushion of the bean bag. OUCH


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