Wednesday, February 24, 2010

71 and counting

Wow my Dad turned 71 today.  I guess I shouldn't plaster his age all over my blog but hey its out there and I think its great.  Its hard to believe he's actually in his 70's but I guess its what his birthcertificate says.  I like to give  him a lil bit of grief that he was a late bloomer since he was 37 when I was born.  Though I'm the youngest not the oldest so I guess its not such a slow start. 

I thought in honor of dad's birthday I'd share some pictures of us over the years.  This task is easier said than done.  Apparently dad doesn't say cheese much for pictures........ah  that will change in the near future.  Get ready dad. 

Happy Birthday Dad.  I can't imagine life with out you.  You've waited patiently for me during all the best times in my life.  Waiting out in front of the school to pick me up from all my sports practises. Driving me all over the country the summer I rode the float for Miss Reardan. We certainly can't forget all the trips to the Dr after my knew surgery or the hours we spent trying to rehab my knee.  How many trips to Billings while I was in college??  My boys are super lucky to call you Grampa even if you do make them cry.

So for my dear blog readers that don't know my dad so well he isn't what you'd call a baby guy.  Riley was crazy scared of dad for a long time.  If dad would come into a room Riley would make a sad silent cry and fold himself in half to "hide".  (This would be odd if he hadn't done this for all men)  Well, one day when Riley was staying at Gramma and Grampa's when he was still small enough to take a bath in the kitchen sink my dad walked into the kitchen while Riley was taking one of these great sink baths.  Riley simply folded in half to hide......then came up supptering since he had put his head under the water.  Classic Grampa and Riley moment. 

Love you dad. 

Summer 09

Christmas 2009

Summer 07  Riley is about 7 months old

Dad waiting patiently in the waiting room for lil guy below

Riley William Nov 30, 2006

Christmas 2006

Celebrating Rex's birth Sept 2002

Fall 02 Rex and Grampa


  1. What a lovely birthday tribute to your father. Great photos.

  2. After that great tribute, I can't imagine that he will mind you revealing his age. :)

  3. Very nice tribute to Dad. He might not like that you have him a year older than he really is. MOM

  4. OK I fixed it mom. Oopsie :-) Apparently my memory is gone cause I had talked to him earlier and thought I had it right.

    Did you remember that when dad turned 50 I blew my knee at the Dist Basketball game.

  5. LOL! I can relate with you seeing as we both have the stong but silent dads who have a major soft spot for us and our kids! Angie

  6. that would be strong =)

  7. What an amazing Dad you have! Reading your post and looking at your pictures made me miss my Dad so much (he passed away in 2003). I wish so much that I had pictures of my Dad with Caleb and Joel. You are so blessed to have so many memories of your Dad with your boys! It's so nice to read about how much you treasure that!

  8. Hi Mary, You are so super sweet to blog about your Dad. I especially enjoyed the pictures. As he gets older I can see his resemblence to Grandpa Shorty and Uncle Jim more. - Debbie


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