Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thank you!

I wanted to take a moment and thank Ron and Christina for adding some drama to my blog. Nothing like drama to get the readers really tuned in and listening. I've had more hits and comments on my blog today than ever before. Who knew that watching a Signing Time video was such a hot button topic.

More importantly I need to thank them for reminding me that I have the most wonderful safety net of family and friends on earth. My Grammy June always said that if you have one truly great friend then you are blessed. WOW am I ever blessed.

Thank you for reminding me how wonderful my husband is. Justin showed me that not only does he have a fierce love for the three of us but he is willing to stand up and protect us from attack. Justin will never pretend to be perfect but don't EVER and I mean EVER question his love his boys. Yes did you catch that S, we do have two boys.

Thank you for reminding me that Kacey is as feisty as they come. God brought her into my life and I will forever been thankful! Our bond was instant and true. We share so much more than kiddos with extra chromosomes. Even our moms can agree that we are crazy and perfect friends. So much so that Kacey's mom even left a comment on my blog telling me how glad she was that Kacey and I had each other to lean on while raising our 4 kiddos. HEE HEE She's never commented on Kacey's blog over the last almost 3 years.

Thank you for reminding me that Angie and her mom both were the most wonderful and amazing childcare providers on earth. They set the bar high for any that may follow. I will never be able to repay Donna for the peace of mind she gave as I returned to work. Angie may be the only person that doesn't actually have a child with Down syndrome yet truly understands. She understands and that allows her to be a true friend. A friend I can count on, a friend I depend on and friend that will be honest and tell me when she doesn't understand.

Thank you for angering Becca to the point of commenting. When I reached out to my dear friend Christine because I was hurt and needed a friend I know she shared it with her little sister. Becca's post really demonstrated how smart and amazing she is. She is no longer the little sister. She is an adult with a child of her own and she truly knows the value of friends and family. I am so happy to be getting to know you Becca.

Thank you for inspiring Robin to comment as well. Robin is a wonderful mother to two beautiful boys and has so much to share with the world. I wish she would share more of the wisdom she has gained from raising a child with Autism.

Thank you for upsetting Grandma Debbie and the crew in Florida and Aunt Cheryl in Texas. Without being provoked by your hurtful attack they may have never actually learned how to comment on my blog. I'll be expecting to hear from you all a bit more regularly now.

Thank you for letting Libby display her intelligence and complete knowledge of child development. Not many have the her ability to craft a message like her. She has two of the most beautiful and wonderful girls on earth. They are both beautiful, intelligent and articulate.

Thank you for reminding me that my mom hurts when I hurt and celebrates when I celebrate. I learned how to be a good mom because my own mother is great. I take that back I learned how to be a great mom from her.

Thank you for asking for everyone to pray for our family. Please pray for patience and endurance as we raise our children in an ignorant world. Pray that we have an open heart and will be able to listen to the apology when it comes. Pray that my boys continue to grow strong and healthy.

Thank you again for reminding me that I have an amazing group of family and friends and will always be there to hold me up. This is a group that I used to think you and Christina were in. I think that is why this has all seemed to hurtful and mean. I've never in all my life had someone I thought was my friend be so vicious and hateful. Please take this as your cue to exit our lives permanently and yes, that includes lurking on the blog. I wish you two the best and hope this baby bring you the joy and happiness that every parent deserves.


  1. Very well put =)! I'm so glad you chose to look at the positive. We all have enough negative in our lives! Onward and upward knowing how much we all love you and your family!!

  2. Me? Fiesty? Nah : ) Nothing pisses me off more than ignorance. Why is it that stupid people feel the fierce need to spout their WRONG opinion on the world?

    I know that I am blessed to have you all in my life. Like you said we had an instant bond and it just grows and grows! I love that our children, all 4 of them, are great friends, and our hubbies are friends too, that is a rarity!!!

    Nothing like a little drama to show you how much you are loved!!!

    Good ridance to them, we always knew he was strange. You are nice to wish them the best. Karma sucks.

    Love ya!!!

  3. I just want to let everone know that my son could not have chosen a more compassionate, caring, and loving person than Mary to share his life with.
    Together they have blessed Debbie and I with two wonderful grandsons, which I thank God for everyday.
    In additon they have assumed the awesome, yet wonderful responibility of providing a solid foundation for a very special child to build his life upon.
    I could not be more proud of Mary, Justin, Rex and Riley.
    Tom (Justin's Dad)

  4. Right back at ya! You better believe people better not attack those I love-I am fiercely protective-obviously. ( :



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