Sunday, June 14, 2009

1st Grade HERE WE COME!!!

Friday was Rex's last day of kindergarten. He had such a great year. It amazes me just how much the cover in kindergarten. We started off the year a little shaky with a few tears shed but he quickly recovered and never slowed down. The first week of school Rex came home telling me that his teacher "makes me color ALL the time" but once he got in the routine he loved every minute. Amazingly he has excellent penmanship. That must be a genetic trait because his dad writes like he's using his feet. He is starting to read and is really getting interested in writing and spelling things out himself. It is so fun to see him really get excited about reading and writing. I've been a bit afraid that these things might take a back seat to his love of sports but they seem to be balancing out nicely.

Rex and I had a craft evening and made the vases to deliver his teacher's flowers. This is a much bigger deal for us than most since I'm must be the least craft person on earth. I found a super cute idea on another blog and off we went. We actually covered crystal lite containers with pencils and secured them with rubber bands. The picture showed them with these great sunflowers but Rex insisted we get pink roses. Mrs Theilman's favorite color is pink mom and this is my gift so I get to choose. My my my I have a bossy little man. It turned out super cute and his teachers loved their flowers. Rex is a bit sad to leave his teachers in kindergarten but he is very excited for first grade.


  1. Rex - CONGRATULATIONS! You 'da man! Off to great things in 1st grade! Uncle Bob and I are proud of you!
    Awww... SUHWEEET! As a teacher, I must say I love the gift idea! What teacher couldn't use more pencils? It's a funny thing about classrooms and pencils... the pencils sprout feet and walk out of the room... hmmmm.
    (Ok Mary - I hit your blog twice in one day... am I doing better?) ;>)

  2. Those turned out really cute, great job you two!! Rex has grown/changed so much in this past year, he is such a good kid (even though he teaches my son icky songs about heaters and weiners : )!!!

  3. That is a SUPER cute idea! You'll/we'll have to make sure Christine checks that out-the chick is on top of all that teacher gifty stuff...She sets a high bar...As apparently, do you. ( :
    I'm just not understanding how these kids are growing so quickly! Before we know it Riley & Abby will be big kindergarteners! Oy! Of course, Riley will probably trot happily off to school while Abby, well, won't (positive thinking, positive thinking). ( ; It's so wonderfully amazing the differences in children...Glad Mr. Rex finished strong!


  4. Look at you being all crafty! Those turned out really cute =)

  5. OK so Aunt cheryl read it first, but I am using a laptop with no mouse. I am so backward!!!! Anyway I'm so proud of Rex. He is an amazing kid. I am glad to hear that he likes to read as I am sending books with Grandpa! You know me, I'm a sucker for books. I'm still waiting for the shuttle to launch. Now they say the earliest will be July 11. Darn!!! They are sending an unmanned rocket to the moon in a couple of days, so I'll see that. Tell Rex I'll get pictures. I also have one of a cute little gator that lives less than a block from Greatgrandma Elsie. He's only about 2 or 3 feet. Mary, you are getting really into the craft thing. I love to get homemade things from my kids at school. Way to go!!

  6. Very thoughtfull post on positive thinking. It should be very much helpfull.

    Karim - Positive thinking


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