Sunday, June 14, 2009

Relay for Life

My mom was a co chair for this year's Relay for Life for Lincoln County. For those of you who are familiar with Relay you understand just what a huge chore this was. Mom did an amazing job getting everyone involved and it was a huge success. They were able to involve teams from not only her small town but several of the surrounding towns. The raised in the neighborhood of 18K which is no small accomplishment for a community this size. My mom's family has been touched all to many times by cancer so this tends to become a family gathering as well. One of my cousins was up visiting from California so she and her family joined us. Cindy is a cancer survivor herself and her husband and daughter are huge Relay volunteers in their own community. This was a great event and here are the pictures that will tell the rest of the story.


  1. Ok... I can take a hint... I'm commenting! LOL! The slide show moved me to tears. Relay is very special to me and I'll never, NEVER forget experiencing it with my mom (survivor of breast cancer & melanoma) and dad. If you get a chance, please e-mail me and tell me who did the first song on the slide show - I'd love to use it at our Relay in Oct.! I am Entertainment Chair for the third year and am always looking for new music, etc. Hugs to you!
    P.S. The family pics of you, Justin and the boys are marvelous!

  2. Thanks for putting the pictures together for me. I love it. I've watched it half dozen times already. Had no idea you thought I was a genius. Love ya, gramma


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