Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Signs Signs Everywhere are signs

Riley has been amazing us daily with new signs. I have been thinking about all the signs he knows and figured I'd better write it down. So what a better place than here where I can keep track and brag at the same time.

1 Help- he just started using this today
2 night night/sleep - he has started putting his hand up to his face if we ask him if he is sleepy or ready for night night.
3 Mom
4 Dad- it is a little hard to tell the difference between mom and dad
5 Milk
6 Play
7 eat
8 more
9 fish
10 cat
11 dog
12 shoes
13 please
14 book

He has also added some words to his verbal vocab as well. He now says:
1 uP
2 GranPA
3 Ba bye
4 He used to say Grama --but gave it up and down she is PA just like GramPA
5 blither blither for the sound a fish makes
6 oh ya
7 whatthat
9 Ella- he said this clear as a bell one day when we were with Kacey and Ella but then never again

Wow when you actually write it down it does seem like a lot. I love that he is able to communicate with us. It is so much easier now that we are starting to replace some of the grunting with words. I hope he continues to add to his vocab at the same pace. I have been told several times that usually kids will have a spurt in one area and plateau in another. Well in the last few weeks he has started walking and is still adding to his vocab. He is also starting to have some imaginary play. We are getting car noises. His favorite activities are still those that have him moving. Rex created the best "therapy" for him at home. We have these large wedges that Rex pushed up to the couch because he wanted to slide down them. Well Riley loves it too. He can now crawl up them on his own and then turns around and slides down them smiling the entire time. When he crawls up and incline he doesn't use the funny 3 point crawl he actually uses all four. I love that Rex plays with him and has no clue that there is anything different about him. They rough house like boys should.


  1. You forgot my favorite...

    Go to Areian's site and do the free snapfish book, I'm working on one right now!

  2. That's wonderful remember when we thought if signs were all Olivia did, that would be just fine! Now she is a talker!

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  3. Sounds like he's doing really well - walking and talking and signing! My favorite word he can say is blither blither. I love it : )


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