Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three Cheers!!!

If you have stopped by Ella Grace with the Pretty Face lately you've already seen these but they are cute enough to share twice.  You can thank Kacey for the great pictures.

Kacey asked if we wanted to join them for an afternoon of bowling I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I pictured a lot of chasing Riley around the bowling alley and having to hold him to make sure he wasn't running off.  I never expected that bowling would capture his attention for entire game.  He loved every second of it and so did the rest of us. 

We arrived a bit early and so we did have to wrangle the kids for a while why we waited for the league bowlers to finish up.   They stopped for a moment for Kacey to capture this cute shot.

Cheese Balls!

Big cheers!  Don't you wish you could pull off a tutu like Ella?

Big Smiles

Riley was so excited every time he rolled the ball.  So much fun!
The big boys had fun too!

We had so much fun bowling that we decided to try it again.  We went with my parents to the little bowling alley in Davenport.  It has 9 lanes and my dad had to keep score for us by hand.  Riley has been fighting a sinus infection so he wasn't at the top of his game but he still had fun. 

Such big numbers we were rolling it took a lot of concentration at the score table!

I'm sure I was getting some advise from my dad in the picture... either that or he was telling us about the night he bowled 273. 

The balls all had names etched in them.  Rex was looking for Kenny.

A lil help from Bubba

Notice how shiny Riley's shoes are.  Well the family that recently bought the little bowling alley has been gradually remodeling and cleaning things up.  Riley's feet are so little he still needs his inserts to keep the size 8s to fit.  When we got there the smallest size they had was a child 11.  Needless to say that Riley was walking out of his shoes. The little girl at the counter was adamant that he had to have bowling shoes on and we couldn't use he street shoes unless we asked the owner.  We tried it in the big shoes but it wasn't so good.  When I went back up the counter to see if his street shoes would work the owner and his wife were there and his wife had just returned from the supply store and had a box full of children's sizes. So Riley down sized to an 8 and he was ready to bowl.  Since Riley was the 1st person to wear these shoes Sam, the owner, wrote his name on them so Riley will be forever part of the Davenport bowling alley. 

It was another super fun bowling outing.  Definitely something fun the entire family enjoys! 



  1. I love it...small towns can be so awesome! Riley has shoes named after him...forever famous!

  2. Cute, cute, CUTE pictures!!! I do wish I could rock a tutu like the fabulous miss Ella Grace!

    That's so cool about the shoes! Great story - wonderful memories.


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