Monday, January 17, 2011

Marshmallow Fun!

I've been getting some grief from my friends about not posting for SOOO long.  Well I have to say in my defense I've been busy.  Busy playing and having fun!  Lots and lots of fun! 

I am not typically a crafty mom.  Rex has never been kid that is into crafty projects.  He much prefers to be throwing, kicking or catching any type of ball then sitting down to do a project.  I've been on a cooking jag lately.  I've always enjoyed cooking but I've tried a ton of new recipes and found  a  few new blogs that focus on cooking.  My current favorite is Our Best Bites.  It is written by two Mormon moms that have cooking in common.  I'm not sure that being Mormon has anything to do with it but they have a cute sense of humour and a TON of great recipes.  Well they also have very tempting pictures and the directions always make things seem so simple.  I was tempted by these pictures of home made marshmallows and decided they would make super cute valentine treats for the boys teachers.  So Friday evening after dinner, which included taco chicken from the same site, I started in to make marshmallows with the boys.  I quickly discovered that I forgot that I would need a candy thermometer and had to send Justin to the store.  So we approned up and started mixing. 

Riley cooks at school.  The Washington State University 4-H extension program sends the "cooking ladies" every other Thursday and they cook with the kids and learn about nutrition.  We've discovered one of the "cooking ladies" was Rex's Sunday school teacher last year so she knew all about Hurricane Riley.  Riley LOVES to cook.  He is very interested in mixing in ingredients and stirring.  We have to do this more often with recipes that require more help from Riley.  Honestly both boys had a ton of fun helping. 

Mixing up the corn starch and powdered sugar so we could dust the pan

We if anyone has ever made marshmallows before you know it takes a while and not exactly a project that you should start at 8pm.  We mixed our ingredients and start to wait for them to boil.  We waited and waited and waited some more for them to reach 240 degrees on our candy thermometer.  We had to fill the time so we made silly faces and danced and took pictures.

Mommy and her little man



Is it ever going to be time to stir???

Dance break!

Even dad put on an apron and joined in the fun!
  Well the sugar mixture did finally get to the soft ball stage and we were able to mix it in and watch it turn to fluff.  My mom's old mixer that she had given me ages ago got a good work out fluffing our marshmallow fun.  I'm pretty sure that thing is as old as I am but it served us well. 

Rex wasn't quite done dancing when we started mixing!

Riley watched and watched as the mixture transformed into fluff!

We finally had it fluffy enough to pour into the pan and let it sit over night.  I'm not sure if it was because we were all tired and goofy or exactly why this project turned out so well.  We had a ton of fun and I may just do our next craft late at night to see if it works again???

The next morning we had to take the cookie cutters to our project to finish up. We choose hearts since we were testing it out for Valentines.  They turned out great.  The boys did a great job cutting out the shapes.  We made a lot of hearts to share and then cut up the scraps to save for our hot cocoa.  YUMMY!!!

Riley getting a little help from big brother!

Marshmallow fun!

Look at that concentration.

   We'll be sure to bring you more from the Kibbe Kitchen but for now we are signing out! 


  1. So much fun! Love all the pics too. :)

  2. Very cute!!!! LOVE the pictures!!! The marshmellows were really good too! Fun fun fun. I really should do stuff like kids both love to cook too!!!

  3. Lily and I had so much fun watching this! He could be a clogger! Loved the way he moved to the rhythm of the mixer.

  4. What a great project for the kids! I'm not sure I'm talented enough to pull it off though ;)

  5. Aw, so much fun! Go mom - not sure I'll ever go down a road that requires a candy thermometer. That's a recipe for Becca-disaster if I've ever heard one. ( ;

    I super love the pic of Riley with his hands in his face. So fabulous - in fact a copy of that picture should grace my fridge...think about it. ( ;


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