Friday, September 10, 2010

Two first days of preschool??

The first day of preschool was Tuesday.  Riley has been sadly watching Rex head off to school for an entire week but Tuesday he started not one but two preschools.  I was so excited on Tuesday I could hardly stand it.  In the morning we buzzed around the house making sure we were ready and had our back pack ready and our snack packed.  Riley was headed off to his first day of preschool at All Saints.  This the same school where  big brother goes to the 2nd grade.  Rex is super excited for Riley to be at his school.  He told me the only thing better would be if he was in the same building.  The school is split in two campuses and has children preschool thru 8th grade.  Rex has been telling everyone that his baby brother is going to his school.  Its the cutest thing to listen to how proud he is.  The addition of preschool two days a week at All Saints was a late addition to the school year line up for Riley.  About a week before school started we received a phone call telling us that Riley had been on the wait list but there was a spot for him now.  Typically kids have to be fully potty trained or they can not attend preschool but we were able to make arrangements for our new babysitter Kristi (that's an entirely other post) to be at school with Riley to take care of any diaper/potty needs and she will also be available in the classroom as needed.  On Tuesday I got to hang out with Riley and see how he did his first day.  He fit right in. I new he would but it was still pretty amazing to watch.  I was so proud of him as he sat on the carpet and joined in with the other kids.  He has made so much progress over the summer that he was trying to do the hand gestures and actually doing a little talking to the kids on his own. Typically Riley likes to watch for a bit before joining in but he jumped right in. I know Riley is capable of so much but it still catches me off guard once in a while when I see him being so typical with his friends.  It makes me tear up just thinking about what a big guy he is getting to be.  We are extra excited about Riley's teacher at all Saints.   Miss Amy just so happens to be one of Rex's best buddy's mom.  So not only do we have a great teacher that is familiar with special needs children but she is a friendly face to Riley to make him feel at home. 


OK Mom Let's go already!

Proud big brother!

We spent from 9-11:30 at All Saints and then stopped by home to rest and have lunch before heading to his regular preschool from 12:30- 3:00.  Riley is attending the preschool at Sheridan Elem. again this year.  We absolutely loved his teacher Miss Michelle.  She is a great teacher and demands the best from Riley.  As she says he isn't "allowed to operate on cute".  He tries often but she makes him meet high expectations.  In this afternoon preschool he is with 14 other children with different special needs.  He also receives his speech, PT and OT during this time. 

I was feeling some big mommy guilt in the spring when we choose to keep him with his current teacher instead of moving him to a class that had typical role models.  I am so excited that we were able to add All Saints and an entire room of typical kids that will teach Riley tons.  I think he might teach them some things as well.  If this first week is an indicator Riley is up for the challenge.  He was tired but still up and raring to go each morning.  I think this is going to be a great school year!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, how stinkin' cute is he?! Love the first day of school pics!

    Given my state of mind tonight, I was literally brought to tears over the awesomeness that is big brother Rex.

    Glad the first day went as well as anticipated.

  2. YEAH!!! The both look so cute and ready to take on the world!!


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