Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two Tiny Pumpkins

Riley's kindergarten class had a field trip to the pumpkin patch today and I volunteered to go on my first field trip. Rex has never been a fan of me going on field trips and working full time gives me a nice excuse to not ride a bus with that many noisy kids.

The morning started as usual and since I was with Riley he showed me how he puts his things away in his cubby and gets is pencil box out so he can work on the entry activity.  There seems to be a little drama about who Riley sits by.  There are a few little girls that are very interested in him sitting next to them.  One little girl had a special picture she had colored for him over the week end.  Must be a rough life when you have to fight of the girls that want to be your friends. 

Riley  was pretty excited that I was going to ride the bus with him. Wow do two kindergarten classes make a lot of noise on the bus.  We settled in for our bus ride to Carver farms.  Riley wanted to take a picture so of course he took one of Molly who was sitting across the aisle from us.  That is hard work for those little fingers to hold on to the camera and squeeze the button at the same time. 

The kids were pretty excited to line up and get ready for the corn maize.  Riley doesn't look as shrimpy next to his classmates as he used to. 

The corn maize.

He was all over this. 

The kids were able to pick two mini pumpkins, two gourds and a small pumpkin to take home.  This turned out to be big work.  At first he was pretty busy following his friends and didn't want to stop and pick out his own, and then he simply got worn out.  Those little legs were done.

One of the other moms did manage to snap a quick shot of Riley smiling.  Great timing because the mood went down him from there.

I don't want to smile in a picture with my friend.  I don't want to look at the camera. Just want to suck my thumb an growl at you. 

I will sit here but I won't look at the camera.  Maybe someday tired won't turn into growling but for today that is how he copes.  He simply wants to sit down and shut it out. 

We a bit more mellow ride home.  Riley didn't nap but he did relax and was quiet and didn't talk to his friends.  I could have settled in for a nap but he wouldn't give it up.  I assumed he would want to go home with me after we arrived back but he perked up and instructed me to go home.  "you go home mom I stay at school"!!!  So that is what I did.  He might not want one but I'm going to grab a quick nap after a exciting trip to Carver Farms. 

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